History of Poker Chips

Poker chips have been there for almost as long as the game of poker itself. During 1800s, poker was played using real money but with the widespread popularity of the game around the world this real money was eventually replaced by poker chips due to currency differences.

The plastic and metallic chips we have today were not available in the ancient times and therefore poker players used to deploy pieces of woods, stones, and even bones as poker chips. Gradually the world saw setting up of small gaming houses where one could exchange their money with poker chips and thus be on equal grounds with co players.

By late 1800s, clay chips were introduces and as demand and technology grew these clay chips gave way to plastic, acrylic and very costly Ivory chips. In 20th century there was an outburst in the number of casinos and a strong need of standardization of poker chips were followed. It was very common to see people duping casinos by carrying their personalized poker chips inside and playing with them. However this was tracked down soon and casinos went a step further to furnish each poker chip with a microprocessor to track their movement and facilitate the process of payouts.

If you are new to the game of poker then it is always advisable to start practicing with poker chips itself to get the firsthand experience of the game play and with so many varieties of poker chips available in the market, one can easily get a pack of chips in accordance with his/her budget and demand.

Poker chips are the most critical accessories of poker games. It is almost impossible to think of the game of poker without chips. The first poker chips to be introduced were the clay poker chips that made their appearance in late 1800’s. Since then there has been a lot of transformation and customization of poker chips.

There are different types of poker chips available in the market these days. They come in all sizes and shapes and can be customized to one’s own preference. The most common are the plastic poker chips. They are inexpensive and light weighed thus a great choice for amateurs.

The plastic chips can be questioned on durability but they make great accessories for poker while on the move as they can be replaced and made of 100% plastic. Thus they are ideal for an unfussy game with friends.

Another category consists of more durable and pleasing to the eye “the diamond poker chips”. A tad expensive than the plastic poker chips but they give the same feel of casino environment. There is a huge variety of colors and texture available for customization. The eminence and the quality is great of the diamond poker chips and at 8$ per 100 chips is great value for money.

Clay poker chips are the most preferred ones with the exact feel and sense of a casino. They are great for pro players to impress guests at home and come in array of colors and textures. The weight usually hovers around 8.5 to 13 grams per chip, so go and grab your set of chips.

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